No Co-Signer Required

At the end of the day, we really don’t need a co-signer. We just need to be the first partaker in our dreams, goals, and action plans.

Year 36: I CHOOSE ME

I was already equipped with a deluxe, two-floor, Super Target with an unlimited RED card and here I was lusting after someone else’s dusty leftovers in a broke-down bodega.

For the Love of Titi

On an early Saturday morning in August, I arrived in midtown to take on a personal development course. It had already been a VERY long and a VERY hot first summer in New York for me. I was grinding hard to make my writing hustle come together, I was nearing the end of my long-distance…

They Will Never Forget How You Made Them Feel

About a week ago, I sent a short greeting card to the very first friend that I made in the DC Metro area. We hadn’t caught up in awhile and I wanted to let him know that I had relocated to Brooklyn. When we met in the Summer of 2003, we spent HOURS upon HOURS…

Ida’s Angels

You may have heard of Charlie’s Angels but those skinny white chicks ain’t got nothing on my big sisters, the amazing daughters of Ida Mae Turner Lakins, whom I affectionately refer to (at least in my head) as Ida’s Angels.  Thirty years ago she gave them the extraordinary task to not only go out in…