Get the Good Vibes Going

This past Sunday I was practicing in a full class at my yoga studio. There was a new student, a gentleman, who was practicing beside me. I had been out of my studio for a few days at a business retreat with my coach in the Berkshires, so I was incredibly focused on grounding and centering myself during the class. I was so focused that I tuned him and the other students out during my practice. After the incredibly refreshing class was over, the new gentleman offered me a simple, “Thank you.” I looked at him with a slightly quizzical look and said, “For what?” He replied, “For the good vibes.” In that moment, I realized that my intense focus wasn’t just for me; I was providing good vibes that could be felt by everyone.

As a writer, one of the most important elements of my writing process is getting the vibe right. I don’t put pen to paper or finger to keyboard without setting an atmosphere where my creativity can flow. Sometimes setting the right vibe looks sitting in my favorite chair, lighting a candle, saying a prayer for my writing session, and allowing the words to flow. When I don’t have the luxury of writing at home, my on-the-go routine may look like getting as close to a well-lighted window as possible, putting in my headphones, cueing up some light music, and encouraging my words to come together in that format. (The picture in the post is a little preview of my writing table my bedroom).

Every person’s good vibe routine may look different; but the key is to know what environment, what elements, what circumstances, and even what people will help to set your creativity free. Without putting good vibes in place, your writing process could feel like torture. And if it does, STOP. Take a breath, take a break, or take a walk, and only come back to the process when you’ve got the right vibes in place to get you to the finish line. Short on time? Set a timer for 5-10 minutes, breathe it out, walk it out, or whatever you have to do to re-set yourself, choose one focus word to meditate on or think about, and allow yourself to ease back into the writing process.

I meet people all the time who say, “Leah, I just hate to write.” I would bet good money that most people don’t hate to write; they just hate sitting in the anxiety of believing that they can’t write. One of the ways to take on your writing phobias is just to get the good vibes going. I’m not promising that you will write the Great American Novel (at least not yet!), but I will guarantee that when you set the right atmosphere for your creativity, you will come to know yourself as someone who is capable of writing and creating ANYTHING that your heart desires. Cheers to creating GOOD VIBES in every area of your life!

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  1. Ana says:

    Just love it, my friend! Xoxo

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