There’s Always an Opportunity for a Possibility

I am incredibly blessed to have formed such an amazing community of fantastic New Yorkers around me. I was catching up with one of my new big brothers earlier this week and I told him that I had been a little down because a really promising editing opportunity fell through a few weeks ago. Before I got too far into my story, he said, “I’m going to stop you right there. You said the OPPORTUNITY fell through NOT the POSSIBILITY of working with this person in the future, right?” This is exactly why I keep great people around me because just that sentence alone reminded me that missed opportunities can’t stop me from accessing my future possibilities.

I’m so glad we had our call because being connected back to possibility is EXACTLY the state of mind I needed to be in. Yesterday I had the honor of being the guest speaker for Women’s Day at the High School for Sports Management (HSSM). It was such a treat for me to escape from my desk and to spend the day with such a terrific group of young women. I was so delightfully exhausted from my time with them that I came home and took a four-hour nap. (God bless each and every one of you who teaches and works with children on a DAILY basis. You have my utmost respect!).

The part of the day that I enjoyed the most was getting to connect with the girls over lunch. These young ladies are incredibly smart and very sharp and we had great conversations about social media, boys, and creating great friendships. I took it as a HUGE compliment when one of the seniors said to me, “When you were talking about how friendships change, that is SO real.” I was relieved that indeed the girls were listening to me and that something that I said resonated for them. Being able to share with these young ladies was such a great moment for me.

When I woke up from my nap, I had to have a little chuckle at how God works in my life. I received the invitation to speak at HSSM three weeks ago on the same exact day that I received the news about the missed editing opportunity. While I would have loved to have worked with this one author, I had the divine opportunity of planting seeds of POSSIBILITY into a very promising group of young women instead. If I would have stayed stuck in that moment of disappointment, I would have missed a fertile opportunity to make a difference for these girls.

Opportunities will come and go, but we always have to keep the possibility of who we are and what we are committed to alive, even when things don’t work out the way we want them to. My life is truly a testimony of knowing that the next possibility is ALWAYS just up ahead.

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