Roll Down Your Windows, Crank Up the Music, Grow Out that ‘Fro

Death has a way of putting your LIVING into perspective. Tomorrow isn’t promised to ANYONE. But we can’t live under the shadow of death. Our job is to create more light and to shine it even more brightly to honor our loved ones who have gone on before us.

Level 38

I was definitely on my Super Mario grind in Year 37. I took huge leaps of faith in my business, I put myself WAY out there to meet new people and build my network, and I took on some of the biggest personal and professional challenges in my life thus far. While those big leaps yielded extraordinary success and access to new avenues of opportunity, they also came with huge learning curves, big losses, and enormous hits to my soul. I was grateful to be at another level of my life, but by the end of 2016, I didn’t want to play anymore.

The Diary of One Big, Bad, Bold, Bad-Ass Leap of Faith: Redux

I had this blog post up for awhile about my transition into New York, but then this little self-doubt gremlin told me to take it down over the summer. (NOTE: If your favorite SoulFlakes posts are now missing, you can blame it on her NOT me!) I was thinking, “People are probably tired of hearing…

No Co-Signer Required

At the end of the day, we really don’t need a co-signer. We just need to be the first partaker in our dreams, goals, and action plans.

How To Adult Well

Leaving your mama’s house, earning a degree, or knowing how to make a dollar do not automatically equip you with the skills to adult. To adult well takes YEARS of practice.

The Soul Catch-Up

One of the people that I have been blessed to encounter in my life over the last few years is my life coach and spiritual counselor, dava. I first began working with dava right after I completed graduate school in 2008 and we worked together right up until my 30th birthday. My Friday nights with…

Year 35: A Dream for My Daughter

  To My Little Angel, Now as far as I know, my half of your DNA is still resting safely in my egg cartons and your father’s portion is resting securely with him. But if you have any intel about who and where your Daddy is you let your Mommy know, OK? I woke up…

And The Ceiling Can’t Hold Us!

I have to unequivocally name Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ “Can’t Hold Us” as my official theme song for 2013. Every time I hear those infectious hand claps, churchy foot stomps, and that clanging piano at the beginning of that song, I have absolutely no choice but to get up and shake what Ida Mae gave…