It’s OK to Take Off Your Wonder Woman Cape

Last month was probably one of the most difficult months that I’ve had in New York thus far. I was trying so hard to keep everything together, but the simple fact was that I was burnt out. And not just slightly run down, I mean that I was absolutely and utterly ineffective in every way, shape, and form. My only capabilities were ordering food from GrubHub and scrolling through Netflix and Hulu. These last 15 months of joy, fear, excitement, and anxiety had broken me down and I was scared to admit that it was time to take off my Wonder Woman cape.

Like most little girls coming of age in the 1980s, I LOVED me some Wonder Woman. I thought Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman was the most amazing woman on Earth right next to Jem, Rainbow Bright, and Clair Huxtable. But Wonder Woman was just a TV show, and I am just a mere mortal who without proper renewal, revival, and restoration can’t function at my highest capability. I spent far too many nights last month believing that somehow I could just throw a cape over my shoulders, click a set of fabulous gold cuff bracelets together, and fight off the challenges of the world in one amazing leap or bound. After one too many days of trying to Wonder Woman my way through another meeting, another draft, or another task, my mind and body stepped in and said, “Leah, that’s enough, boo. We just can’t.”

So I’m listening to my life LOUD and CLEAR and I’m heading off the grid. No work, no email, light social media, and plenty of time for ME. I’m taking off my Wonder Woman cape so I can get back to enjoying New York, relishing in the clack of the keys on my laptop, and living life in a state of gratitude and grace instead of grinding and exhaustion.

If you see your life anywhere in what I just shared, please give yourself permission to just STOP and BE. You might not be able to take a long vacation right now, but give yourself the night off to do nothing. Give your kids to somebody you trust and just sleep in if you want to. There’s no honor in the hustle if you aren’t taking care of your most important asset—YOU. Do NOT and, I repeat, DO NOT, grind your life into an early grave. Take off your Wonder Woman (or your Wonder Man!) cape and love yourself RIGHT NOW. That’s an order!!!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. 29tolife says:

    Right on time with this one. Burn out is REAL.

    1. soulwriter9 says:

      GIRL, burn out is SO real. Last month showed me that at some point your mind and body will quit on you if you don’t do what is NECESSARY to take care of YOU!

      1. 29tolife says:

        Oh, your body is going to say, we don’t need you. Powering down now. And there’s nothing you can do! LOL. Get that rest, girl!!!

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