Ms. Howard and the Black History Project That Changed Everything

The Ink Well


While I have a fantastic family who has shaped me into the woman I am today, I am also eternally grateful to EXTRAORDINARY educators like the amazing Ms. Tracye Howard who fed my thirst for learning as a student in her 8th-grade U.S. History class. I’ve been blessed to pursue my education from kindergarten to a Masters’ degree and she STILL remains my favorite and most treasured teacher of all time because she took the time to believe in me. She made sure that every student who left her class knew who they were as an African American citizen of this country and to stand tall and proud in that. Ms. Howard, you will always be one of my favorite SHEROS. YOU.ARE.LOVED.


February 1993. I was a bubbly, 14-year-old, 8th-grader at Pimlico Middle School in Baltimore. The highlights of my life at the time were…

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