New York, Year One: Always Get High on Your Own Supply

The Ink Well

Somewhere around 1:30 on the afternoon of January 8, 2014 as I was driving over the Verrazano Bridge into Brooklyn, I suddenly saw the Empire State and Chrysler buildings in my side view and I began screaming wildly with joy. It was a good thing that I was traveling alone because I probably would have scared the crap out of anyone else. When I parked my car 45 minutes later in front of my first apartment in Canarsie, Brooklyn I was absolutely exhausted—but that good kind of exhausted from using every fiber of your being of doing exactly what your heart desires.

As I opened the door to my apartment, the first pieces of mail to greet me were my Fresh Eyes Editorial Services business cards. I ripped open the package as I climbed up the stairs to my second-floor apartment and I could not believe how good they looked…

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