#Surfboarding. That’s All.


I’m truly enjoying my new life as a free editorial agent in Brooklyn. Last night’s Big Apple adventure included helping a good friend with a photo shoot. We’re about two hours into the shoot when Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love” comes pouring out of someone’s iPod. I heard the first few strains of the song before but I never listened to the whole thing. About two minutes later I hear Beyonce singing

“Fill the tub up halfway and ride it with my surfboard…” 

I took me a beat or two to get what she meant by that and then I had to clutch the pearls! My ears! My poor, Apostolic-raised ears! I.WAS.NOT.READY.BEYONCE!!! 

I decided to share my newfound revelation on Facebook last night at approximately 10 p.m. with a very simple post that read: 

Just found out what #surfboarding meant. Wow Beyonce. Wasn’t ready for that (smiley face). 

The joy and hilarity that occurred on my wall for the next two hours was EPIC. Some of the most golden moments from the now almost 100-comment post included:

“Doing it in the tub? That’s called Friday night at my house!”

“Ummm…wow! They change the names on stuff and folks think they are doing something new.” 

“Leah, we’ll wait till you find out what she means when she says ‘I been drinking…watermelon’ you’ll be ready to clutch your pearls.” (And clutch them I did!) 

“I feel like the word of God I heard today just washed straight back into the Baltic sea. OMG!” 

And the piece de resistance is when my sister Wanda included this graphic when she could take no more revelations

Jesus Take the Wheel



Annnnnnd….I was officially done. I’m not a huge Beyonce fan but…err…umm…Wow that song certainly has me intrigued and now doing a #SurfboardCountdown until my man comes home. LOL! Thanks for the laughs, ladies! 

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