Heaping Bowls of Inspiration

ImageWhen I was little, my absolute favorite meal in the world was a big bowl of cornflakes cereal brimming with whole milk. You could not have told me that those glorious bowls of overly processed, high fructose-corn syrup laden flakes were not the food of the gods. If I was cranky, fidgety, or otherwise just being a normal, overactive kid, my father could easily calm me down with the promise of cornflakes.  I can still see myself now, sitting at our kitchen table in Pittsburgh, swinging my feet happily, delightedly shoving spoonfuls on cornflake goodness into my mouth, and allowing the milk to dribble down my chin.

While my palette has matured and I’ve traded in my bowls of cornflakes for whole-wheat Kashi cereal, almond milk, and Starbucks coffee, my desire to find a bowl of happiness in EACH day hasn’t changed. For the past few years, I strive to begin each day by reading something inspirational or listening to an uplifting song or sermon that is SOUL-building, SOUL-stretching, and SOUL-enriching. As I began looking forward to my morning quiet time each day, I created the phrase “SOULFLAKES” as a way to remind myself to FILL my soul every day with the inspiration that would carry me through my life experiences.

As the queen of optimism, sunshine, and a proud, card-carrying member of the Rose Colored Glasses League, I know that just a little bit of inspiration can go a LONG way. In a world where Kenya Moore is allowed to run around on these streets and be Gone-With-the-Wind fabulous without adult supervision, we all need a dose of inspiration to remind us that there are still dreams to be dreamt, goals to be achieved, and mountains to climb.

I pray that something that I write here will give you the strength to “run on a little while longer and see what the end will be.”  I hope that some joke I share will be the very medicine that makes your heart glad.  As God has admonished me repeatedly over the past few months, I’ve written more than enough words for myself; it’s now time to share the GIFT that he has given me with the world. I proudly present my new, improved, and freshly minted blog, SOULFLAKES. May these words be just the heaping  bowl of inspiration you need to light up your life.  

In Peace,


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Michelle says:

    awesome! I am looking forward to more Soulflakes. You Rock Leah

  2. Jess says:

    Can wait for more bowls of soulflakes! Thanks for sharing your gifts w the rest of us!

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