For Fat Girls Who Dare to Be Beautiful When the Shaming Is Enough

I know it’s a tall order to ask for ACCEPTANCE from a society that has rarely valued anyone with curves, so all that I request is that you just let us BE. Let us BE dimpled-kneed, full-bellied, thick-waisted, and double DD’d. Most of all, just let us BE HUMAN—HUMANS who have every right to be respected, honored, and, yes, even BEAUTIFUL.

Year 37: Getting My Own WHYs 

Will Leah @ 40 or Leah @ 45 be upset that I didn’t make marriage and motherhood more of a priority now? I don’t know. But I can’t build my life today on future regrets that I might not even have.

Flying Into Beautiful

With each day, it’s a beautiful experience to truly KNOW in my bones that MY BODY is a divine instrument that is WORTHY to be nourished, moved, and loved.

The Diary of One Big, Bad, Bold, Bad-Ass Leap of Faith: Redux

I had this blog post up for awhile about my transition into New York, but then this little self-doubt gremlin told me to take it down over the summer. (NOTE: If your favorite SoulFlakes posts are now missing, you can blame it on her NOT me!) I was thinking, “People are probably tired of hearing…

A Purposeful Pause

These past few weeks have given me some interesting insights that I want to truly sit with, wrestle with, and make peace with for me before I share my perspective with the world.

It’s Just One Point of View

At any moment of the day I can simultaneously be a bitch and a saint. However, It’s not up to me to change someone’s point of view on who I am. My only job is to BE ME.

Bringing My Milkshake Back to the Yard

Maybe I just needed to move my milkshake to a bigger yard. Maybe I have a special glow now that I’m living in the city of my dreams. It’s been quite refreshing to finally have my milkshake on a yard where it’s appreciated.

Becoming a Thing of Beauty

When my Ghanian Sweetheart came to visit me in Brooklyn a few weeks ago, we had a rather curious discussion about the current chocolate “It” girl of the moment, the beautiful and amazing Lupita Nyong’o. My honey found an article discussing how Norwegian women were shaving their heads to emulate Nyong’o’s now iconic short afro….

Who’s Afraid of a Big, Bad Opinion?

It’s safe to say that I have a very adventurous spirit. I’ve climbed a waterfall in Jamaica, snorkeled in the Bahamas, and rode an elephant in Bali. I’ve sampled a wide variety of cuisine from fresh sushi in Japan to fried gator in New Orleans. I’m not afraid to holla at a gentleman that I…

Becoming a Grown-Ass Woman

I had a recent interaction with an unlearned, wet-behind-the-ears, 20-something who, in the immortal words of Real Housewife Kenya Moore, came for me when I CLEARLY did NOT send for her. I could have LET.HER.HAVE.IT., but something in my spirit held me back. If this same incident happened a few months ago, I would have…